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Cycling in south america

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Cycling in south america

Hi guys 

My partner and I are leaving Australia at the end of the month to go bike touring in Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina for 10 weeks. We were really keen to stay off the main highways as much as possible. We're pretty new to this, so we'd love any advice or recommendations of places to ride or of people to meet with or stay with in those countries. We also would love to know what it's like riding at high altitudes! 

Thank you everyone. 

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Hi Anita. 

Hi Anita. 

I cycled 3-4 months in Argentina and Chile, 90% of my tour I spent in the Andes and stealth camped ie, off the highways, 

You can use Andesbybike for resource if you like, but the route are quite hardcore if you are new to this. 

I highly recommend RN40 in Argentina and mix it with Carretera Austral. if you have 4 months I recommend start in Bolivia, maybe Santa Cruz, cycle the Uyuni and the lagoons down to San Pedro de Atacama, cross border to Argentina, go down Ruta Nacional 40, until Trevelin (you will cross Abra del acay, highest commercial road in South America, Cafayate, famous for its wines in Argentina, Talampaya national park, a bit of Pampas and the famous 7 lagoons near Bariloche, Paso Jama to Trevelin is rougly 3200km), cross border at Futalaufquen/Futaleufu, go down Carretera Austral, to Villa O'Higgins, catch a ferry, ride through el Chalten to El Calafate, cross border again at Paso Rio Don Guillermo (Torres Del Paine), cycle the Torres Del Paine route, go down to Punta Arenas, cath a ferry, down across Tiera del fuego, arrive at Ushuaia. 

I rode from bottom up, I dont recommend this mainly due to the angle of the sun - you are riding towards the sun. not nice as most things are backlight, some people say prevailing wind direction says the tour should be north to south, but in South America, there is no prevailing wind, there is only head wind. and a lot of it. 


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If you only have 10 weeks/70

If you only have 10 weeks/70 days. you can only do segments of South America. perhaps Cuzco to San Pedro de Atacama and then catch a bus to San Martin de los Andes and ride south all the way to Ushuaia? 

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Blogs worth reading, travelling while at your couch

For info on cycling in South America (and all the rest ...) have a (very long) look and read at :

Succes and enjoy !

Wilfried from

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