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Cycling from Helsinki to North Cape in Norway and back!

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Cycling from Helsinki to North Cape in Norway and back!

So!, i'm planning to do a biketour starting at spring 2023 starting from Helsinki and going up to Lapland, and the Northernmost cape on Norway.
afterwards i'll be cycling back to Sweden through the norwegian fjords, with the idea of being back for the beginning of summer (i have around 3 months).
i was wondering if someone has some info of this places that i should know.
good points to visit, national parks, lakes, rivers, forests and such...
i'll be traveling with a very limited budget (ideally less than 10 euro per day)

aaannnddd... i really want to see the northern light!!!!

so yeah, if you feel like helping a fellow traveller, don't hesitate!


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northern light is from September to mid-April above the artic circle so you need to plan

10 euros per days will be very difficult in norway ( you can try Dumpster diving for food) and difficult sweden and finland

buy good local repellent mosquitos are a nightmare up north from june

look at the weather ( temperature wind rain )

weather could be very rainy and cold ( snow in the north until june) take good proper clothes

however with sun it is very impressive

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In Finland, Norway and Sweden

In Finland, Norway and Sweden most glass and plastic bottles have a 10 cent, 20 cent or 40 cents deposit. Carry a big bin liner bag and you can pick up many bottles and take them to the bottle machine in most shops and get the money from them or use it to buy food. I have collected much this way. Hope you enjoying your ride. We are here in Pieksämäki. Welcome.