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Cycling Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

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Cycling Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Can anybody give us some information about campgrounds in Tuscany and Umbria,Italy?
We are not specifically looking for the very luxurious campgrounds but more the ones where cyclists are camping.
Some places that we would like to visit are: Gresseto, Siena, Florence, Lucca, Pisa.(Tuscany)
And in Umbria we are still looking at what places to visit.

Thanks .

Gerrie and Paul.

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Hi Gerrie & Paul,
I'm headed that way in May myself & will try to pass on any info I come across - as well as watching this post for tips.
When are you going?

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Cycling Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Hi Trace,(and this is also for Tony)
Thanks for your message too.
We are going from 5th june until 24th june 2009 and we are looking now mostly for low budget campings. In the meantime we have found another good website: It takes you straight to Parks in Tuscany and when you go to certain provinces it gives you so much info on the parks, but also about accomodation (you can even choose hotel/campsites/etc.)
The prices are still expensive of most (or is it that camping here in Australia is so much cheaper???)
Like I said in my reply to Tony, we are looking mostly for low-budget acommodation. To us it's all about cycling and not as much about accommodation. We also would like to know if there are campings where a lot of cyclists stay.
We would like to meet a lot of cyclists on their way through Tuscany.
By the way do you know if they charge parking fees for bicycles at the campings in Tuscany?

Happy travels in May, Trace, and we hope to hear from you again.

Paul and Gerrie Maas

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Hi Gerrie & Paul, We cycled

Hi Gerrie & Paul,

We cycled down the Adriatic side, so not the same area. You can see our routes at

However, what we did find most helpful was the web site EuroCampings. It lists a ton of campgrounds - not quite all of them, but most, in our experience. It lists the open dates, something that was important to us, and often has GPS coordinates. It was the only site that we found that allowed you to dive into a map, rather than know the region then get a text list of campgrounds, so we found it much easier to navigate and find things near our route.

Enjoy your ride. I can't wait to get back to Italy and visit that area!


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Cycling Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your message.
We had a look at Eurocampings.We made bookings for our first and last night in Italy.
Because camping in Italy is quite expensive (we don't really make use of all facilities) we are also still looking for low budget campings. To us it's all about cycling in Tuscany and not as much about accomodation.
Thanks again for letting us know about eurocampings, though.
Paul and Gerrie Maas

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