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What is the cheapest way to travel around Europe?

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What is the cheapest way to travel around Europe?

I want to travel around Europe for a couple of months visiting Prague,Amsterdam,Rome and Berlin, and various other places. However,traveling in Europe always seems to be very expensive.Where are the cheapest places to stay/eat? Cheapest flights and domestic travel? please give me any suggestion and advice.Thanks for advance.

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Re: What is the cheapest way to travel around Europe?

Hi, i'm a self-contained bicycle tourist from Thailand and on budget. I toured Europe last year. Yes, true Europe is expensive, i ate well, salad, pasta(i loved both so much:). I wild camp, picked some fruits along the way. I"m one with nature and can buy some fruits/veggies/eggs/milk/cheeses,fish/beer/wine, etc from the local farmers you pass along the way. Once in awhile, i stayed in a campsite which they weren't cheap either but they have all the facilities to enjoyed. Just have to budget it out to suite your daily needs and it is manageble. Wishing you a happy touring and stay safe.

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Cheapest way.....

Of course, the value of the pound varies widely throughout the continent. A fiver can get you a large pizza with a couple of beers in Poland, where in Norway you could maybe purchase stale bread and only dream of liquid refreshment. That said, wild camping is legal in the country. Many people travel at night to sleep on the trains to save hotel bills.
Berlin-fairly cheap
Prague-fairly cheap if you are careful, Wroclaw is nearly as scenic and cheaper
Amsterdam and Rome in season are expensive!

Just a short note, if you are not traveling by bicycle, many warmshowers’ host may be reluctant to host a biped, rather than by wheels. See the forum:
Robert Mink
Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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bike + train

another cheaper system to travel in Europe is bike+train, in some Country is possible to save days and efforts by this way...

Food, I know that Italy is expensive, expecially in Roma and in August, this's a problem! Some italians are very stupid with the idea to take money from one/two days tourists, but it's only a system to reduce the people that arrive here! In any case, two methods: kebab in every city and small town, with 3/4€ you can eat a big kebab or pizza "Margherita" the cheaper for 4/6€ it depends on the region. Another solution you've to find restaurant and bar with the tag "pranzo di lavoro" is "workers lunch", with a cost from 7,5 to 11,5€ you can have a lunch (usually one course plus buffet or pasta plus meet) with bread, water and coffee.
If you're vegetarian, salade is a good solution.

When you'll have decide the travel road send me an e-mail, you're welcome! (35kms East Milan).


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