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accommodation facilities Colombia

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accommodation facilities Colombia

Will cycle this winter of Cartagena to Quito. Would like to travel with light luggage, without tent and stove.
Are there enough accommodation facilities and options to buy food on the distance, so also in the smaller villages?

Thx Ute

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Hi Plenty of cheap


Plenty of cheap accommodation in Colombia. Go & have a look in guidebooks at your local shop. Some of them now sell chapters online as pdfs so you don't have to carry them - useful if you have an iphone, for instance. For hostels, have a look at one of the booking sites like Hotels are readily found. In small towns they are sometimes, but sometimes not - all about planning & asking ahead. One type of accommodation I've not come across anywhere else but Colombia are the hotels that seem to be at a lot of petrol stations on the highways or at the entrance/exit to towns.

For further information, try the following:
1. . Type 'Colombia' in a search & see what happens.
On the same site, seek out Jeff Kruys' blog. His write-ups are short & usually say if he camped or stayed in a hotel etc.
2. Another recommendable site is
3. Google searches of 'Cycling Colombia' will bring you up with suggestions, too.

Hope this helps

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i did this route in 1996 and found no problem finding a cheap local hotel to stay every night. Back then you could get a single room from about 3 USD. Helps if you can speak some Spanish, It seemed acceptable to haggle for room price as sometimes I would pay much less than 1st price.
Colombia was great for cycling, very friendly and helpful people with high regard for cyclists. Always got stopped by police and military roadblocks but never once hassled, they were always friendly and just wanted to ask all the usual travel questions and wish me luck. Hope its still the same for you,
best wishes,
jim fullwood.

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