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Arizona/New Mexico in March

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Arizona/New Mexico in March

I am planning a 7 - 10 day tour in Arizona/New Mexico in March of this year and I'm getting started on planning a route. Has anybody biked in the region? Any suggestions of route to take or not take?

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I would stay south as

I would stay south as possible. Snow is still possible until May in the higher elevations. I traveled from Socorro,NM to Texas (and further east) along Hy 70 in March 2010. Hy 70 has good shoulders all the way across. Good luck.

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South of Tucson

I've spent weeklong trips south of Tucson as part of PAC Tours "Desert Camp" weeks. Pretty much the same route has been used by Adventure Cycling Association, so it's apparently recognized as a pretty good place to go in early spring. These weeks are always around the first week in March. The temps there may be chilly but the days have always been at the least in the 60s with sun that feels warmer. I've never actually encountered more than 5 minutes of rain, but I guess it can happen.

The route would be something like: Tucson to Patagonia to Tombstone to Bisbee. From Bisbee, it's a day's ride to Douglas on the border. Returning from Bisbee, some times we went via Benson, not a very attractive ride; or back via Sonoita/Patagonia to Tucson. I never minded the retracing of the route.


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