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Arnhem to Berlin, Need Route Suggestions

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Arnhem to Berlin, Need Route Suggestions

Hello, I'm Bob from California. I'm planning on touring the beginning of September across Germany to Berlin. I usually like to ride about 60-75k per day and have plenty of time to stop and enjoy whatever the road has to offer.

I'm staring at a huge map of Germany. Anyone have suggestions for a good route for a friendly, not very fast rider? Anyone want to join me for part or all of it? I'll buy the beer :-)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, dank, Bob

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Route to Germany


I cycled from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Berlin before. I met really great WS people on the way, they gave me commendations. Look up my profile.

A caveat though: I made somewhat longish day tours and there are not many WS hosts on the way. In Germany they also have a club called Dachgeber, those are members of the German Cycling Association, the ADFC. In times of need you can go there, many of the German WS people have Dachgeber booklets with all the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Good luck, Jörg.

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When I did my tour to Prague

When I did my tour to Prague in 95 I did a pretty straight line towards berlin, from Enschede, past Osnabruck, Hannover, Magdeburg and then went down to Dresden. Cycling was very easy, the roads were excellent, and there were plenty of camp sites all over the place. Around 3pm I started looking at the map where the nearest ones were, and see what a nice distance or area would be.

I don't remember much of the scenery tbh, it was mainly about the journey, I didn't really look much.

Once in east Germany the roads became a bit less ideal, but still mostly fine. People were really friendly.

Good luck.

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May be a bit late but this is my sujjestion as I did the tour last year October. I mainly followed the Mittelland Kanal [ mid-country-canal] as it is for 80 % cyclably and very straight. Had a great time at campsites as well as wildcamping . Have a nice time,from Pier.

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