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Cycling Argentina

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Cycling Argentina

Has anyone cycled in Argentina. If so, I am interested in hearing your stories and suggestions.

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We spent 2 months in Argentine and Chile 4 years ago and had a great time. One of our favorite trips. Our journal is here:

If you need any further information then our contact details are on the journal.

Dave & Jo Whitney

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I´m from Argentina.. excelent

I´m from Argentina.. excelent travel.

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cyclign argentina

Thanks for that kind comment. We enjoyed every minute of our time in Argentina, super scenery and extremely friendly people.

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cycling Argentina

Hola, gracias por tu respuesta. Me interesa viajar en bicicleta por argentina. Conoces grupos que viajan juntos? Cycling tour groups?

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Grupos de Cicloturistas en Argentina

Hola María-Elena,

te escribí un privado, pero comento aquí por si a alguien le es de utilidad.

He contactado con grupos de Buenos Aires y La Plata que cruzan los Andes hasta Chile.
El centro cicloturista en Argentina es Bariloche-El Bolsón-San Martín de los Andes, allí en enero-febrero-marzo habrá cientos de viajeros en bici, que se juntan con los que viene desde Usuaia subiendo por la Ruta 40 hacia el Norte.

Yo voy a estar viajando en bici por Uruguay, pero en Enero espero estar por la zona de Bariloche.
En mi caso viajo solo, pero dispuesto a compartir días y jornadas con otra gente agradable.

Jorge Sánchez

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Thank you

This looks great! I will read it soon. Thank you for sharing.


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Argentina: mixed feelings

Hi Elena,

I cycled about a month in Argentina 4 years ago and my feelings about cycling there are really mixed. I went from Rosario to Comodoro Rivadavia, crossed to Chile and then cycled again in Argentina from La Rioja to Bolivia at the beginning of the austral summer.

- I met some very friendly people, very warm, italianlike.
- Very cheap camping sites
- Whale watching

- drivers do not care at all about cyclists
- narrow roads without shoulders and sometimes lots of lorries
- roads often in a bad state, lots of potholes or very bad gravel roads
- vast emptinesses
- hot, dry without much to see in the south
- often impossible to sleep at camping sites because of people celebrating and drinking alcohol all night

I wouldn't recommend a woman to cycle there on her own as you can be very isolated and I think it is advisable to really choose the area you want to visit, there are big deserts in this country.

As a cyclist I much prefered Chile, Bolivia and Peru in South America but it might be due to the itinerary I chose.

See you,


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Thank you

Hi Etienne;
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience of traveling in south america. I appreciate it.
Good luck with your travels.


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Hello Again

Hi, I think that Etienne travel for not touristic route, which in Argentina is Imposible, (Iam Argentino), but In my country there is a lot of route for tourist.

I pass some links (not all are in bike, some in motorcycles): (Argentinian Travelers) (this is the best route to do)

latar I pass more links.

good look

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more links this travel is for

more links

this travel is for route 40, a woman alone

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