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Gulf Coast from Freeport, TX, to Panama City, FL

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Gulf Coast from Freeport, TX, to Panama City, FL

I am planning a tour of the U.S. Gulf Coast in late October and November this year (2010) from Freeport, Texas, to Panama City, Florida -- including Galveston, Port Arthur, Lafayette, New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile and Pensacola. There are a few hosts along the way, mainly in the urban areas, whom I'll be contacting directly for information and possible visits. But if anyone else is familiar with parts of that route, especially the stretch from Port Arthur to Abbeville, and the Mobile area, I'd love to hear from them.

On-line searches turned up two accounts of fairly recent tours of the Texas-Louisiana portion, and I've been in contact with state officials regarding maps, road closures, etc., so I think I'll be okay there.

The other big question, which I haven't found an answer to yet, is the best way east from Mobile: Is it possible to ride from the city over the Battleship Parkway to Spanish Fort and Fairhope? Is it worth trying the Mobile Bay ferry and Coast Connection shore route?

Any help or advice appreciated.
Bob from Calgary