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info iran to dubai by boat

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info iran to dubai by boat

Hi people!!!
in our tour after of cross many borders by land we came to this point, south iran, bandar abass where you can cross to Arab Emirates by boat, we want to get africa and siria say no to our visa petition, so we took this way.
In the office to get the ticket we reallise they ask so much to the tourist than to others and we ask for discount and finally we get it so try and try....
and if you take your bicicle they will ask you for around 30 or 40 dolars extra but in your ticket for the boat say that you can have with you around 50 kg laggage so.... if you pack your bicicle you will save lot of money.!!!!!!!
good luck and nice pedaling!!!!
Ah!!! dubai is full of couch surfing people to host you and in many many houses you will find swiming pool and enjoy it.