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In need of US address

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In need of US address

Dear all,

After months of searching and trying I finally found my ideal bike touring tent.

My only problem is that it is made in the US and the producer dont ship directly outside the country.

So I need an US address for delivery.

It will be great if someone can help by taking and transferring the tent to me in Europe.

Of course I am ready to pay all the necessary costs.

Thank you for any help!


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resend tent

I can probably do that, unless there is some hidden problem. The fact is, someone is sending me an electric water kettle that wouldn't ship to me directly. So, this must be karma or kismet or kermit, maybe. Shoot me an email, [email protected]

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ideal bike touring tent

Hi Ham, I'm looking around for a new 'ideal bike touring tent' too. What did you decide on?

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Ideal tent

Oh, boy! Tent wars! ;)
I've been using a Tarptent Rainbow and loving it. It's almost weightless and quite roomy.

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That special TENT


Curiosity kicking in.... Can you reveal the tent that has stolen your heart and maybe your wallet?

If all else fails I could help.

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Thanks everyone for offering

Thanks everyone for offering to help.

I really appreciate it. Here are some additional information:

I checked and didnt discover any hidden problem. People I know have done it before. It become a problem only when I may order a dozen and resell them abroad. Its not the case.

Thank you for offering to help. I love your Velo Hobo website I visited these week! Very inspirational!

@andrewhead and @C2Cin2006:
The tent I want is the shangri-la 3 - now very attractive to buy with more then 50% off:

Thanks for the private mail and the tips. I chose for a shangri-la because I can adjust its weight on the bike according to the seasons. And its high enough to hang wet clothes inside, or a candle, to cook in bad weather and even store the bike. It weights next to nothing.

I am not in Ierland but in Holland. You are welcome if you make it to the continent. I am available till end of June. Holland is a true paradise for bikers. I just finished my tour biking very light weight! Please feel free to see some pictures:

I think it may work geting my tent thanks to all of your help. I now should move to pay the tent and give a chosen address. I expect next week to be in touch with a chosen address owner.

A nice weekend to all and many thanks!

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offer of US address

Are you all set? If not, let me know.

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Tent for cycle touring

Ham, (and anybody following along)

For several years I have used a REI (Recreational Equipment Industries. A coop.) Quarter Dome 1 person tent that packs down to less than 3 lbs with fly that serves as a vestibule. Tent has sit up space and extremely dry. I find it had enough room for all 3 season tenting. Unfortunately it appears REI no longer has available in 1 person but it is very much like MSR Hubba one person.


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re:REI tent


Did you contact REI customer service? Did you look in the REI outlet store?

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All good end good!

Hi all,

Just a word to say that my puchased tent has arrived.
Someone brought it to me while visiting the continent.

Thank you all for the help.

Very proud of it, here why:

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Tent doing well

Hi all,

For those interested in light weight tents from GoLite in the US:

I took the Shangri-La 3 I purchased last februari into the Swiss Alps and it did well
in cold and rain. It even survived hard winds one night in the mountains.

Its just beautiful, here some pictures of the tent during the trip:


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