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Riding the KVR road in BC, Canada

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Riding the KVR road in BC, Canada

Hi everyone,

I'm here asking again questions about roads in BC.

I've seen the KVR road looks really nice along southern BC and I was wondering how is this road for touring?
So is it ok with cyclo cross bikes? Is there a lot of mud at this time of the year?
Is it crossing some cities for filling up water and food?

Any experience on that road? Would it be nice to ride from Kelowna to Vancouver (a part at least)

Thanks in advance for any answer!


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I rode through Osoyoos to

I rode through Osoyoos to Vancouver (osoyoos is a little farther south in the okanogan valley). It was an amazingly beautiful ride, though hard through manning park which is most likely a two day ride). My only concern would be that at this time of year, snow is not out of the question. Going from Princeton to Hope is a very tough ride at first, but then it is almost a complete day of riding down hill through huge mountains and tall trees. Really really great ride! I dont know too much about the kettle valley railway though.

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Here is a tour journal of the Kettle Valley Railway with lots of photos. You can do this on most bikes, but on some, you will just have to push a lot, lol.

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the KVR in BC

Hi Olivier,

I have cycled the KVR twice, once from Midway to Penticton and once from Castlegar to Princeton. It is great! The CGOAB travelogue will help that someone suggested here, and you can also get a book called "Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway'. To get from Kelowna to Vancouver, you would go to Princeton on the KVR and then ride the highway 3 to Hope and then I would suggest getting on number 7 to Vancouver, it hugs the mountains on the north side of the valley and is not a freeway! From Kelowna to Princeton the places to get food are Penticton, Chute Lake, Kelowna and Summerland.


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