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Im planning my first bike solo trip in Asia. My plan is to bike for a month in Asia and a month in New-Zealand. Do you have any recommandation for a route in Asia? Is is easy to bike in Myanmar?

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Hi Catherine, I think Myanmar is a wonderful country to cycle in! However, I would hesitate to recommend it as your first solo adventure in Asia. I can elaborate if you wish, but you would find that: 1) it is illegal and quite difficult to camp, 2). Warm Showers, couch surfing, and free overnights are also not permitted (penalties apply for the locals), 3) hotels are relatively expensive for Asia, and 4)there are restrictions on where (and how) visitors are allowed to travel. I cycled there for two weeks and consider it one of my favorite tours ever, but it was challenging.

I'd consider Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, or Vietnam first, and save Burma for when you are a bit more seasoned. Good luck whatever you decide, Robert

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South East Asia

I too agree with Neil.
We're looking at cycling Burma next year and even though we've toured extensively, can see its going to be a challenge, and wouldn't recommend it as a first tour. The travel brochures may advertise as "the destination", but thats only the main tourist spots.

As you only have 2 months, it may be a better option to leave the camping and cooking gear at home, give NZ a miss, and cycle in SEA only.
Plenty to see, great food, and plenty of good accommodation.

Great journals on

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NZ is a great country to tour

NZ is a great country to tour in, but you would probably want to tour there in summer ( Decemebr to March).I am currently cycling through Asia and am in Indonesia at the moment.Bali was good for cycling in but Java is a different matter ( very busy roads with loads of heavy traffic).I am actually giving up on indonesia and heading to Malaysia in a couple of weeks,as the roads are better and up the east coast the traffic is lighter.

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When are you going? You can

When are you going? You can come join me on my China tour.

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