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IOS/iPhone: No host showing on the map

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IOS/iPhone: No host showing on the map

Hi there,
Title is speaking for itself, i can't find any host on the iphone app.
Localisation is working, but no pin is shown, it's pretty annoying as
I'm cycling in NZ right now...
Pls help!


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Probably something to do with

Probably something to do with this:

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iPhone/iOS app will not work until version 5.0 arrives

Version 5.0, which is compatible with the upgraded site, will be released in the app store hopefully within days, but no previous version can work with the newly upgraded site.

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The update shuts down

The update shuts down inmediately. I also had this problem with the last version. Now the app isn't working at all. BOOOO!!!

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Please don't "boo" the

Please don't "boo" the volunteer maintainer who spends his time working on this.

If you haven't already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, that has worked for most people who had trouble.

If you're still running IOS 8, there is a fix for IOS 8 that has been submitted to the app store, but it won't show up for a week or so.