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Touring bike for sale in Mexico?

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Touring bike for sale in Mexico?

**Also posted in "region specific"**

I'm currently planning a Pan-American bike trek!

I'm being delayed in Canada until perhaps November, so now I'm considering to fly further South to more favourable weather conditions. One thought was to Texas, where bikes are plentiful and cheaper than Canada, but the US is merely a pass-through, so now I'm going for Mexico.

So, what are the chances of finding a decent touring bike in Mexico City? New or Used?

26" wheels, rim brakes, of course.
about 60cm frame

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getting a bike

id advise you to perhaps fly into san diego and look for something there. should be plenty of options, then ride down baja. but bro, dont discount the US, its got great stuff and great people too you know.

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That's an option, thanks....

That's an option, thanks.... But I've already been to San Diego, and the East-coast of Mexico seem more interesting, too, so Texas is looking like a better option if I'd get the bike in the States before Mexico.

Still hoping to hear from Mexico-city people about touring bike availability, new or used!

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