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April weather in Ardeche/Lozère Region, France

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April weather in Ardeche/Lozère Region, France

Hello everybody, especially those in South of France/Central Massif Region :),

I'm from Belgium Beginning to mid-april I will cycle from Belgium to Gorges du Tarn passing by in Lyon and than continue through Ardeche/Lozère departments, preferably through the Natural Park 'Monts d'Ardeche.

Can anyone tell me something about the average weather conditions in the region that time of the year? And mainly: can there still be snow in the mountains at +1500 meters - are all the mountain passes open?
Or is there a big chance temperature will rise up to 15 degrees or sth like that? Or to put it otherwise: do you think i can make it with short sleeves to Gorges du Tarn without hurting :)?

Thanks for the info!


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I can't speak out of experience for the month of April, but I cycled through Lozère past summer. Even though it was quite hot by day, by night the temperatures dropped significantly, definitely on the “causses”, the plateaus on about 1000 m altitude. A lovely region to cycle, by the way.

You may want to check out for Le Puy-en-Velay, for example. Lots of weather related information can be found there (averages or historical weather stats about temperature, wind, rain, snow and more).

This graph shows the chance of at least some snow on the ground in Le Puy:

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depend of the year

we had snow end of april (28 /04/2013) on aubrac plateau near lozere

the moutain pass will be open

in millau (tarn)

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