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Another robbed cyclist in Lima, Peru

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Another robbed cyclist in Lima, Peru

I am on a 18 month trip from Canada to Southern Argentina. No really serious problems in the first 12 month (but broken rims). A few days ago I have been robbed close to Paramonga, north of Lima. Two men with a gun stopped me during the evening on the Panamericana and pulled me into a sugar cane field. They searched all my stuff and stole my valuables, fotos :( , camping gear, etc. and ran away. I kept my passport, bicycle and the non interesting luggage.
Now I am in Lima (Miraflores) in a hostel and try to organize a new credit card. Afterwards I need to get a tent (usable in windy Patagonia), matress and sleeping bag (compatible with the cold Andes) and other stuff.
Does anybody know a good place to get cheap but good stuff, maybe used? I already found Equipak. Thanks.

P. S.
The German embassy refuse to help you in case of emergencies but told me, that a lot of german get robbed in Peru.