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Bug ? Limit on Feedback - my old feedback missing ...

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Bug ? Limit on Feedback - my old feedback missing ...

There used to be a "bug" section here somewhere, but it's not readily obvious , so here is the problem :

My " old" Feedback is no longer showing - by "old" I mean say 5 years ...

Is there a KB size limit on FB ? or an "age limit" ?

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I'm only seeing the last 25

I'm only seeing the last 25 feedback that I gave to others. Older feedback is not visible in my profile for some reason. Is that what you mean too?

By the way, there's a bug tracker over here:

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Thanks Gert ... that's exactly what I mean. It's VERY irritating, as I used it as a defacto Address Book ( not being able to have WS "Friends", as in eg FaceBook..)

I'll report the issue to Git as you suggest ....

BTW : my FB "log" never seemed to be in any obvious order, certainly not by Date.

EDIT : the issue may have been noticed : "..Feedback in the 'received' view only shows 25 items. #981.." ( 2006 Jan )

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I stumbled on a Profile recently that appeared to have an enormous amount of FB's. They were too tedious to count, but I am sure it was > 25.

EDIT : I have subsequently found several more ( at least) that have more than 25....

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Hi Bicycle Fish

I have over 90 feedbacks that I have written over the past 6 years. It was as someone else mentioned, a bit of a memory book and now they are gone. What a stinking mess. If only the designers had warned us I could have copied and memories down.

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Feedback missing

My feedback section has only past 2 years. Since I used the feedback section as a memory book with photos and stories that is very very sad for me. Are they gone?