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EV 5 Calais, lille, Luxembourg ,Basel and Milan sept 15 4 - 6 weeks

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EV 5 Calais, lille, Luxembourg ,Basel and Milan sept 15 4 - 6 weeks

Hi,  Setting sail from UK next week  :)  and plan on working my way down Euro Velo 5  or Via Romea as its  also known  . Not sure how far I will get ,hopefully Rome but will see. 

 Planning aroud 60km a day or more and will be packing my tent  but also like hostels hotels ,  a good mix of accomadations depending what comes up along the way.  

Let me know if you wish to meet up along the way  and share some miles or just a coffe male or female will be glad of some company .

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I wonder, are you planning to contact any of the WS Hosts along that route ? 

FWIW anyone can camp or stay in hotels or hostels, but you are very lucky if anyone answers your Stay Request...

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oops seem to be duplicating

oops seem to be duplicating things

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Hi, no need to wonder thought

Hi, no need to wonder thought that was a given , WS and CS are great options having some of my best times even when there has been two of us travelling people's hospitality has always been amazing.

 I find on my rides you just have to keep all options open it's not always possible to know where you will end up each day and even sending a few requests out doesn't always mean your fortunate to be invited ,

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London to Florence

Hi Henry,

I have just literally landed back from a very similar trip and found some great hosts and great camp sites... every night was brilliant. 

i blogged it here...

there is even more posts from daily events here.

hope it helps, please let me know if it does or any questions you may have.



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Thanks for the link Craig ,

Thanks for the link Craig , great blog and great trip looks like you had some epic rides !    

Last year I did the Rhine route in reverse starting in Hook of Holland some nice flat riding then  some epic rides in the Alps to Andermatt  OberAlp pass then Furkar pass folowing the Rhone to Geneva and back into France . I was quite fearful of the big climbs but found the scenerey was just so epic more than making up for the pain ! So heading for the hills again this year  :)