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Amiens (FR) - Vienna / Graz (AT)

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Amiens (FR) - Vienna / Graz (AT)

Dear all.

We are planning a longer bike trip from Amiens / France to eigher Vienna / Austria or Graz / Austria. We do prefer more "romantic", winded roads and bike-lanes to "bike-highways" and thus would love to avoid - if somehow possible - the EV 6.

Or, so say it differently, I can imagine riding 1-2hours along the Danube, but then I would get sick of too many people and the never changing landscape, and hop onto a train.

So basically, we would do train - bike - train - bike - train - bike until we are there,  with 2 bicycles and 2 trailers (1 of them with our girl). We would sleep in our tent most of the time, and if possible, somewhere out in the nature, not on a camping site, only to rest on weekends.

Any suggestions, which rout we should take, where to ride and where to train ?

Thank you for your help :) best, alexandra


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Alternatives to EV 6 in (Upper)Austria

Hi Alexandra,

We can understand your ideas of EV 6. Living in Linz we avoid EV 6 whenever possible because especially from May - September it is a crowded highway.
We have a lot of ideas of taking other routes here in/near Austria. It depends what you are interested and how many time you have. Maybe you want to visit Austrian lakes like Obertrummer See, Zeller See, Wolfgang See,... or you want to follow other rivers than Danube eg Inn, Salzach, Traun, Aschach, Pram... or maybe you also want to discover South Bohemia with nice small towns like Budweis and Cesky Krumlov, Sumava National park, lake district of Trebon...
For daytrips and weeksends we often cycle in this areas. Take a look at our GPS-tracks.
So don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions.

If we are at home and if you pass Linz we would be happy to host you ((-;
Greetings from sunny Linz
Michaela and Herbert

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