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Brompton touring

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Brompton touring

I'm heading off in a few months with my partner and 1-y/o son to travel the Eurovelo 6 from the Danube Delta to Saint-Nazaire on the French Atlantic coast.

I'm planning to take my Brompton, along with a trailer (probably the Radical Design Cyclone IV Chubby Bicycle Trailer).  My partner may (or may not) have a Brompton.  Our child will be in a Croozer trailer.  

So, possibly two Bromptons, a gear trailer and a child trailer.

This means strapping at least some luggage to the Bromptons themselves - I've seen lots of pics and read some stuff about how people do this, but some of the stuff, like putting a backpack on the back rack looks pretty unstable.


The advantages are many: -

* compact

* can be packed as normal luggage

* can be taken into tents / hotel rooms easily

* generally more portable when not in use

Possible disadvantages include: -

* less riding comfort over long distances

* less robust bicycle

* more proprietary parts, so harder to service and repair


Just interested if anyone has had experience of Brompton touring that includes some unsealed / dirt roads and has an opinion about whether taking a Brompton is a good or bad idea.


Any input about gear strapped to Bromptons or generally any comment on the above.


Your thoughts much appreciated!



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Contact Bromptonmaniac on Facebook. He has just toured NZ on a Brompton and kept a great FB update. 

Hope that helps