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Glasgow to Manchester route

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Glasgow to Manchester route

Hi guys, 

Im currently in Glasgow and planning to head down through the lake district to Manchester, am looking for the best route with cycle lanes if possible to avoid a roads as much as possible, and good places to stop along the way. Anyone done this before? 

Also as a more general question, what apps/websites do you use to plan routes apart from this one...its my first trip so still learning! 




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Lake District

We did this trip some 5 years ago, although we went in between Liverpool and Manchester and further down south. In Southern Scotland there is what people called the "Service Road"; that is the old main road from before the motorway was built and running pretty much parallel to that. It is not a bicycle road per se, but it is very wide, straight and with little traffic. It was not all that exciting to ride but it was fast :)

We also spent a couple of days in the Lake District, it was crowded with tourists. There are also very tough hills in that area - but beautiful for sure.

My son plotted our route on Google (here link to middle part of the trip):

We followed a canal for much of the way south of Preston, I believe it may be called "Liverpool-and-Leeds Canal". In general canals can be followed like rivers; there is always the old tow-path next to the water, it goes pretty straight and without any hills. It can turn boring after some time though...

There is this organization called "Sustrans" who are building a network of national cycle routes in Great Britain. 5 years ago it was mostly some local routes here and there, but maybe something has happened in the mean time.

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Thanks for the info thats

Thanks for the info thats really helpful!

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