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Add "Response Rate" to Advanced Filters in Search

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Add "Response Rate" to Advanced Filters in Search

Since there is an ongoing problem with hosts not responding to messages, I would kindly suggest that an additional filter be added during the next update.

What I envision is a filter where the guest, when searching using the Advanced Filters at the page bottom, can select if a minimum response rate is require in the search returns.  Perhaps something like 50%, 75%, or 100%.  This way, the guest knows there is an increased probability of getting a response.  Even a "sorry, can't host" response is better than no response.

Yes, the filter may cause the responding hosts to get more guests.  A response does not mean a Yes, to the request so the actively responding  hosts can always decline for whatever reason.

Just a thought.  Tailwinds, John

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good idea BUT

the % of response is only by mail 

an host receiving only texto or phone call will have 0% even if he answser 


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I assume you meant email

I am pretty sure you meant email, not postal mail.  I agree but I then the filter could easily include those with no ranking, i.e. 0 respones to 0 messages. Just trying to come up with something that improves the search results given that realistically poeple will not change.

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the worst is

for the moment I seach in korea and I found those profil :( 

last  connexion 2 ans 4 mois

Réactivité: 0%

(0 réponses pour 9 demandes pour l'année écoulée)

  • Actuellement disponible ?????? 


maybe also a filter connected in the last 3 month ? 

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That is a shame.  With my

That is a shame.  With my suggestion, that specific profile and those like it would be not be included as they are not responding.  I have also said in the past that those profiles that do not respond to email over a long period of time are automatically deleted.  By long period, I am talking at least 18 months. I have also suggested an annual opt in requirement since those that really want to host will opt back in while those that don't, won't opt back in.