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Free Bike!

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Free Bike!

I am Kevin McCarley from Florence, Alabama USA. I will be riding my Trek bike from Turin to Barcelona over 22 days starting Aug 31st. I have named the bike Marco. I have made social media pages(FB and Instagram) for Marco (Where is Marco?) but will not publish them until my trip. I would like to give the bike to another traveler when I am done under 3 conditions, one, this person travels more than three days on it, two, their trip experiences and pics are posted to the media pages which I will leave open to public post, and 3, they must return the bike to any bike shop in Europe for the next travler to borrow. My hope is to see people from all cultures and various countries ride Marco and for all riders and everyone to see his travels and adventures, maybe for years to come. I beleive this would be an extraordinary way to connect diverse strangers in a cool yet freindly manner. I realize for this dream to work I would need the cooperation of a bike shop in Barcelona that has connections in other countries, preferably a Trek shop. Perhaps anyone that wants to ride Marco would be required to leave a refundable deposit to prevent theft, and once they leave it at another shop the previous shop will be contacted to refund the deposit and the journey will start all over again for the next person. This is only an idea but if anyone knows anyone in Barcelona on Warmshowers that they beleive would be interested in helping or connecting me with the right people I would appreciate it! 

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Hi Kevin,

What a great plan, unfortunatly I am not able to bike Marco from Barcelona, but when Marco needs a place in Amsterdam he is more than welcome!

But what is the size of the bike and from what date is it available, maybe it will help Marco to find a new WS to ride him!

Have a nice time!


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love the idea, and when Marco

love the idea, and when Marco come to the US,  I will be able to ride it and store it in our local shop until the next rider :)

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Hello Marc!

hi Marc! I know people in Barcelona!!! Also I have a very good and close friend how has a bike shop and I think would love the idea!

is GREAT man!!! Love it so much!!


let me know if u still need help,


I am right in Japan looking for a bike also to ride!


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Hi Ana,

Hi Ana,
Did you find a bike already in Japan? 
I may know of someone.
I'm in Germany at the moment myself, and will soon be cycling around the USA, but I biked Japan in the past.
Let me know by PM eventually.
Ciao! A proposito, en espanyol si quieres, claro! ;-)

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Hi Marc, What a great plan -

Hi, What a great plan - i sadly can't help but what a good idea! Could it work with leaving Marco alternatively at a Warmshowers host with a link to a bike shop. Then with your active social media pages he/she (the bike) can be put in touch with the current storer of Marco to off hand. Could potentially even work with deposit situation.

Good luck and enjoy the ride. Rob

P.S. would be interested in finding the social media pages, how do we find Marco?


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Fab idea

Fabulous idea and inspiration. 

I am looking at potential of touring from Christchurch this year for around 3 weeks if I can get the leave from work and will need a small framed touring bike with racks. Am happy to purchase a reasonably priced one and pass it on in the same manner as you when I depart. Thanks again!

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Yeah, Kevin, I've also had a

Yeah, Kevin, I've also had a similar idea or series of ideas. For example, I've left behind bikes in Romania, Japan, Malaysia, Iran, Puerto Rico... and I agree with Rob (?) that a potential solution might be to leave the bike(s) with Warmshowers hosts (for example, I did that in Kuala Lumpur) rather than (or alternatively to) bike shops. Bike shops often have little space, though on the other hand you could also leave it maybe on consignment if you're interested in selling it. 

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Kevin, what a great idea!  I

Kevin, what a great idea!  I also have a Trek and have named it McCoy.  That was the doctor from Star TREK.  McCoy is my healer and serves both physical and psychological purposes.

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