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Very early accommodation requests.

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Very early accommodation requests.

We have just had a request from someone wanting to stay with us next July which is 8 months away. This has happened to us once before and both times we have had to turn them down because we don't know what we will be doing that far ahead. Has anyone else had this happen and do you feel it's a reasonable use of warm showers to book and plan your whole journey so far ahead? 

Pete and Chris 

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Yes, that has happened. I do

Yes, that has happened. I do not turn them down but I answer that they can get back to me later, and that would be welcome if I am at home. In all cases, that is the last thing that I have heard from them.

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Advance planning

8 months is a litttle much but I know what they are doing because I plan in advance also.  The idea for me on my rides is to alert members that I am coming through the week of such and such and hopefully things will work out at that time for them to host me for a night.  I then contact again later and more near the actual arrival time to request again.  This gives the Host the opportunity to get used to the idea.  It takes a lot of time and effort to arrange hosts on a long ride and I would rather do it from my home computer than a library at the last minute.  Plus the fact that every year I have hosts contact me weeks and months later saying they were sorry not to get back to me because they hadn't visited the site in a long time.  There have been a number of issues where the site does not pass along requests.  All in all, guests are not being rude by asking in advance, they are just being organized in their planning.

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What ever happened to adventure?

Hi Cristine and Peter,

We never had this and just like you we would have an negative answer to such a request. We think planning WS hosts 8 months in front is a tiny bit riddiculous. We ourselves see Warmshowers not as a routine, not a way to base our trip on. We visit WS hosts as a respite while on the road.  So we don't think planning ahead 8 months before is a reasable way to use warmshowers Its not rude but you cant forsee the host and the guests future. Whats the point of introducing yourself so many months ahead as both yours and their agenda or route can change. Like life in general does. if you want to plan 8 months ahead to have your night rest secured, do it with airbnb or But hey thats our personal opinion   ;-). 

What ever happened to cyclers going on adventure - not knowing where your day brings you, who you will meet and where you will sleep. What ever happened to cyclers who take a tent to be independent? Our most fond memories are from those unexpected encounters when searching for a place to sleep in our tent at the end of the day. Ok we know a WS host should be pre planned and not just one hour before and so its not completely the same. But it figures when people plan 8 months ahead they are completely on the other side of the scale. 

In any case it gives both host and guest something to look foreward LOL.