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Czech Republic Ohře River

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Czech Republic Ohře River

We are a family with three kids (10, 6 and 3 years) and would like to ride along the Ohře river in summer. There are many camping site on the river close to the German border, but I can not find any camping site between Vikletice and Litoměřice. Does anybody has an idea where to camp with the family on this eastern stretch of the river? 

Thank you 

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Have you looked at the

Have you looked at the iOverlander app? It marks many good camping spaces along cycle routes around the world.

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Cool App, but no.

That's a very cool app. Thank you for this idea. But there are no entries in for that region, yet. 

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Czech camping

We biked Czech this past summer. We had a difficult time finding camping, because t we took a different route. We met many young men who were wild camping, but I am not sure if you want to do that we 3 young ones.

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