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Turkey to Vieitam

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Turkey to Vieitam

Is there anyone interested in cycling from Turkey to Vieitam within the next couple of years? a little bit about myself at present I am 67  having cycled Turkey to cape town then I just finished a trip from Alaska to Argentina 3/4 months before this madness, I will be ready for the next adventure within the next year or two for more info please look at my profile. 

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Hi Alfred,

of course been interested. Unfortunately madness still going on. So plan to start in 2023.

For some stretches want to cycle same route. Must for me will be Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia and Mongolia.

There's no final destination. First leg will be finished in Japan.

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Turkey to Vieitam

Hi Peter thanks for the message let's keep in touch 

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Hi Alfred, I'm planning a

Hi Alfred, I'm planning a trip from here (in the UK) to Australia and was certainly hoping to go via Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia. I'm hoping to leave May this year - I'm brand new to this forum, hence no profile pic/much of a profile yet


Best wishes