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Bike boxes - where to get in New York City?

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Bike boxes - where to get in New York City?

Hi there WS cyclists! We are doing Erie Canalway and Empire Trail, ending in New York City, then flying home, summer 2022. Any suggestions for picking up 2 bike boxes nearish La Guardia? Thanks for any suggestions! 

Pic from Montréal where we cycled from the bike shop to an airport hotel with the bike boxes using kids hot pink scooter wheels that we carried the whole trip for this use (the wheels, not the boxes!)

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Bike Boxes

THis may not be a very helpful answer but, did you try looking for a bike shop near LaGuardia and then looking for a Warmshowers host near the bike shop?  We have in the past picked up a box for someone who was riding thru. 

Also not to your question but many folks riding the canal trail do not realize that they are allowed to camp on all Barge Canal property, which is most of the bike path. Camping at the current locks is usually a bit nicer, also any amenities that are available to boat traffic are also availabe to cyclists but sometimes we have to ask for things that are offerd to boaters. In the western part of the state ask the bridge tenders for suggestions on where to camp. Recommendations - - The ice cream shop above the lock flight in Lockport should not be missed. Fort Stanwix in Rome is very interesting, you cycle right past the REI store in Rochester, look for the Amish in the lower Mohawk valley, Little Falls is worth some extra time. Have a great trip. dtb

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Thanks Dan. We have reached

Thanks Dan. We have reached out to a bike ship near LGA and haven’t had a reply to our email. We’ll contact a different way. Good suggestion re WS host near LGA re box pickup. AND thanks for the yummy ice cream etc suggestions! We’ll watch for those highlights, including who doesn’t “need” an REI visit! We won’t be travelling with camping equipment but good suggestion re free camping. I will however, I’m sure, take advantage of services like bathrooms provided canalside for boaters! Thanks very much. Lots to plan still.