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"Buy, Sell, Lend and Borrow" - Organising by Continent/Country?

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"Buy, Sell, Lend and Borrow" - Organising by Continent/Country?

Hi there,

I'm scrolling through the "Buy, Sell, Lend and Borrow" section of the Forum, and I was thinking about how much easier it would be to navigate if it were separated into continents and countries? For example, you could have, "BLB Europe" - and then separate that into all European countries. And then, "BLB North America", and separate that into the US and Canada, and so on and so forth throughout the World.

What do you all think?

My apologies if this has already been done. I'm still new to WS and am still getting used to using the site. If this has already been done, might you be able to direct me to the Canadian section of, "Buy, Sell, Lend and Borrow".



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Hi, thank you very much for


thank you very much for your comment.

I am organizing the forum for the time being. and talk on behalf of is possible that Randy(webmaster) has different opinion.

anyway, we don't have geographically separate section for "Buy,sell,..." . practically there are four reason for that at present:
1- when I add a sub-forum it will be showed in the list of all forum and increasing of number of showed forums makes it confusing to find the ones have more usage.
2- we don't have a lot of sell or buy post and they have expiration date
3- I hope to have a more powerful search tool soon
4- I am thinking about some changes in the forum which may lead me to eliminate some of them.(after discussion with Randy and others of course)

have a good ride

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