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Netherlands -> Istanbul/Athens/...

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Netherlands -> Istanbul/Athens/...


Anyone interested in a trip from through the Ardennes, the Vosges, the Alps and the Balkan starting around the 20th of August ?

Af course joining for a part of the tour is also possible!

The final destination can change down the road if for example we prefer to go east through Bulgaria up to Istanbul or prefer to cycle next to the Mediterranean sea and end up in Athens or maybe we prefer to take the boat from Albania to Italy and cycle back.

Visiting some beautiful places like Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Bay of Kotor, Mostar,... is also part of the idea!

I'm lightly packed using a gravel bike with only bikepacking bags and no panniers.

For sleeping I was thinking of using mainly my tent, but also warmshowers and maybe some hostels.

I think this trip will take around 2 months.

An idea:

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May be we'll cross our paths

Hey Mark, I will do something like this: (Banja Luka to Athens)

starting in 2 days (on the 6.10) if you're still around there and interested in trying to join me for a couple of days

Best regards