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Nordkapp, Norway

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Nordkapp, Norway


I'm planning to fly as close as I can get to Nordkapp, bike to Nordkapp, and then turn around and bike as far south as possible along the fjords on the coast in my allotted 3 months in Europe. My hope is Holland or France at least. Anyhow, I'll be flying into Oslo. My question is, where is the best place to fly to with my bike so that I can get as close as possible to Nordkapp, so I don't have to backtrack. Any info about this plan and this route is appreciated. Thank you!

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All you need to know to plan a bike trip to North Cape


this site might help you out: .

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We used Alta, but you can

We used Alta, but you can also try Lakselv. Just check Norwegian airlines schedule and prices.
Going south do not miss Lofoten.
Enjoy your ride!

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Flying to Nordkapp

Honningsvåg (HVG) Airport is your nearest airport to Nordkapp but there are, I believe, no direct flights from Oslo. SAS or Norwegian Air to Tromso, Wideroe to Honningsvåg. It won't be cheap! :)