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Cycle trip from France to Scotland - 2023

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Cycle trip from France to Scotland - 2023

Hello everyone!

My name is Amaury, I'm 27 years old and I'm planning a long cycling trip in the UK from May.

The idea is to cycle from Alsace (Strasbourg) to England and then up the east coast to Scotland, around and back along the reverse coast.

Broadly speaking, my itinerary ;
May; Strasbourg -> Paris -> Dieppe
June; Dieppe -> London -> Edinburgh.
July; Edinburgh -> Inverness -> Glasgow
August; Glasgow -> Liverpool -> Cardiff -> London
September; London -> France (thinking about what to do next)

I can share the link of the whole trip in DM ;)

During the trip, I'm interested in taking some time to visit the major cities on many days, and then go on some hikes of the most famous parts of Scotland.

For the night, I would first try Couchsurfing/Warmshower, then I would consider hostel depending on the opportunities and finally bivouac in tent (camping/wilderness camping).

I am open to discovering new points of interest if you have any to share!

You can contact me in private message if you want to go a bit further or if you have the possibility to host me during this adventure :)


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