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Almost-Silk-road starting October 2023

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Almost-Silk-road starting October 2023

Hi there fellow cyclists and future friends! Bonjour !
I will start a long trip in October this year, leaving from the very East of France and slowly making my way East, all the way to Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. The trip will last about 10-11 months and should take me through all of the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, and the -stans. No precise route yet, I'll let things evolve according to encounters and opportunities.
If anyone is interested to join for a part of the trip, they are welcome ! Let me know here or by WhatsApp.
Cheers, wish you all back wind !

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Salut Hugo, tu prévois

Salut Hugo, tu prévois toujours de faire ce voyage ?

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Joining your trip

Hi Hugo, my name Joppe (22 years old; from the Netherlands) I’m on a bike trip to Singapore and I’m currently cycling in the south of France heading east. My route takes me through Northern Italy, Balkan region, Turkey and even further east. Maybe we can ride part of the trip together, I’m flexible about the route and the amount of km’s per day etc.
My number: +31 6 37 35 50 63 (for WhatsApp)

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Budapest- Istanbul

Hello Hugo,
I'm (still) on eurovelo 6. At the moment I'm in Budapest and would like to continue on to Istanbul. Maybe even further, I don't know yet. Where are you at the moment? Maybe we can make some steps together?
Best regards