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Where to rent a bike in Ireland?

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Where to rent a bike in Ireland?

Looking for advice on where to rent a bike in Ireland? I'd really like to not take my bike if possible!


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Bikes in Ireland

I don't know where to rent - we are just discussing shipping our tandem there. We have not decided what we are doing yet, but biking Ireland is high on the list. Have you planned a route and would you be willing to share it?

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Bike rental in Ireland


It may depend on where you want to start/end your trip - most people cycle the west coast, and usually south to north because of the prevailing southwesterlies.

I'd say that, like most places, it's hard to find dedicated touring bikes for hire here (because they're often a very personal choice). This company is based in Galway if you're thinking of starting/finishing in the City of the Tribes - they have road, hybrid, trailers, etc. and do happen to have a few touring tandems:


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