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All School Project, a world tour by bike to meet school, Problem to visite school in US, need help

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All School Project, a world tour by bike to meet school, Problem to visite school in US, need help

Hey dear US cyclists friends!

I'm Actually on a world tour by bike and my goal is to meet school. Just arrive one month ago in US, i tried to visit some school (elementary, middle) not possible. They told me I need contact... And I want to know if you can help me. I will cross the country from west to east. Pass by Las Vegas, Utha, Texas, New Orlean, Est Coast, NY, and many other place, I'm not fixed yet. If you have any contact, if you can help, just write me a mail or let something in the topic!

A huge thank to you buddys!

That is what i write to the school for introduction

(Las Vegas for exemple)

"Dear miss and mister,

My name is Chris-Alexandre Gionchetta, I'm a Swiss guy on the road for a world trip by bike. I left Switzerland, my country, three years ago. I'm actually in San Francisco. My route will bring me in Las Vegas in 2 weeks and i need some help for a special thing, a world tour project!

I do a special thing during my trip, i try to visit school, association or sport club with kids in every country. i present my bike and my stuff to the kids. After that, I ask to the kids to draw a picture of a house. i take this picture and i exchange this picture with other picture around the world. All the presentation is free.

I want really to visite some school in US and i Know it need time to prepare that. I will be in the area in 2 week, approximatly the first of December and I want to know if it possible to make some activity with the kids?

If you are interest about this project and doing something with me or if you have any question, just contact me to: [email protected]

For more info about my trip, this is my website: (in french)
Facebook page: (English and french)

I hope to meet you soon and thank already for the time.

Best Regards
Chris-Alexandre Gionchetta