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Statistics Plots and Data Research on Warmshowers

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Statistics Plots and Data Research on Warmshowers

Dear leading commitee,

I really like your website and think it is the best online hospex service on web. I especially appreciate the App -- it did a great job helping me connecting to hosting, while cycling over 12 countries don 3 continents.

Now, as I returned from my travel I seek to start an independent carrier and warming up by doing work for free. I am a member of - another non-profit hospex - and ploted some data on our website before the travel.

Now, I am reviewing the briefly made work there and writing a paper on hospex services. I have found this site displaying WS statistics.

I offer you to create some plots to the numbers. I also would like to receive more depersonalized data from WS for this purpose. You can contact me using pgp over

Further, mentioning and including WS data in my scientific publications might increase interest in WS.