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bicycle transport to Europe

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bicycle transport to Europe

Does anyone have any suggestions for transporting a bike from the US to Norway-somewhat economically :)  Thanks

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bicycle transport to Europe

I researched this for a friend once and really there is no real economical means of getting the bike to Europe if not considered your personal baggage. Norwegian air charges 59 - 67 USD (online) 73 - 92 USD (airport) for taking a bike. Using a service such as, the cost is closer to 500 USD, one way. 

I helped my friend buy a great touring bike in Europe and she took it back to the states. With a VAT declaration, you can get the taxes back, which range in Europe from 17-30%.  I wouldn't recommend buying a bike in Norway though, Germany / Poland is much cheaper.

If you find a solution, please share with the community. have a great trip. Norway is a great cycling country. 

Robert Mink

Jary Poland via Spokane USA

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Check the various websites

I would probably check the various NON-USA airline websites to see what they charge.  It is usually listed under "sports equipment".  I "think" British Airways does not charge anything.  Also, IF there is a charge AND the bicycle can be counted as a piece of luggage (thus no charge), it should be substantially cheaper to count the bike as luggage and the gear as a "third bag". 

Tailwinds, John

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bristish airways

yes with BA the bike is part of your luggages ( 23 kg ) BUT you don't have anymore lugages except our hand luggage 

if you can manage it why not ? but I think for norway you will have more than only a 7 kg little bag