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Around the Black Sea

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Around the Black Sea

I am thinking of a cycling tour in autumn around the Black Sea. Has anyone informations or already done such a tour? Or interested to join?
Hans Jürgen

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I will do a part of that tour

I will do a part of that tour throught the Turkısh coast, next month.

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Black Sea is most rainy areas

Black Sea is most rainy areas of Turkey(Especially spring season in april).You should take rain clothes.Roads are very up and down so your rims will higly heating and harming to your brake pads,inner tubes.If you use disc brakeset won't make problem inner tubes but you should take extra pads.There are high-altitude plateau, i think climb there for landscape(You can climb over clouds.).You don't follow traffic way only discover the plateaus...Sorry my bad english.:)

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please; http://www.warmshower
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It is better to do in summer

Hi Hans.
We will go from Istanbul to Georgia and start cycling on 2nd June. If you will go near Blacksea from Istanbul to Sinop you must pass many slopes. Bu it is beautiful and less traffic. I passed from Istanbul to Akcakoca last spring. It was hard to cycle but a very nice trip. After Sinop cycling is very easy and comfortable. If you wont decide to climb to plateous there will be no problem about your brakes. Last year we Passed Kackar mountains by bike and we havent any problem by our brakes.
Only problem will be rain at east. It is better to go on July anda August.

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