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Cycling Chile and Argentina

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Cycling Chile and Argentina

I am turning 40 in November and want to cycle through the Chilean and Argentinian wine countries...I'd love some advice. I have a bike but was thinking I might rent one while I'm there...I was also hoping to meet up with the cycling clubs of the places I visit. I've never cycled in another country before but love adventures...ANY and ALL advice is Appreciated!
Thank you in advance.

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re cycling in argentina and chile

I went with my brother. One cyclist was killed, being run over by a bus. My brother saw another cyclist run off the road, in san carlos. If you do cycle there you ought to have extra wide tires. the shoulders are gravel,if there are any. It would be alright on gravel secondary roads, or with wide tires on the shoulders. A 26 inch wheel seemed to be the most common there. We tied our bikes up at the campground and went backpacking in the national park near San Carlos. I did meet some dutch people, who did ride from BA to San Carlos. It also get pretty windy there and some people ride at night to avoid the strong daytime winds.

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Chile to Argentina

Hi James
well that last comment should cheer you up. I have never ridden in these places but have all over Asia including India. Doesn't get any crazier than Mumbai or Medan , so go for it and ride defensively. Ok my interest is that I also plan a similar trip and would be very interested in how you get on. I want to go over the Andes into Argentina.

I have a web site from last trip if you want to get in touch and let me know how it went.

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Cycling in South America

I am currently in Buenos Aires on my way north or maybe east then north. I have cycled in over 50 countries and find South America easier in many ways. My method is always the same. Watch what the other vehicle drivers do and do the same. Many drivers, which is what we are, not riders, are invovled in collitions by trying to drive like they do in thier country.

The land east of Mendoza is flat and windys almost all the way to BA. In fact that seems to be the case for most of the land you are talking about. So, I would stay close to the Andes. Salto to Mendoza will give you a good taste of the Wine country in Argentina.

Travel light and set goals of distances that are achivable while still seeing the country you are passing through. Cycling touring is about allowing the people and culture to rub off on you and going too fast will not allow that to happen.

I am sure you have looked at web sites about touring in SA. There are many, some good and some, well...

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