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looking for `cycling vietnam, laos and cambodia` - lonely planet...

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looking for `cycling vietnam, laos and cambodia` - lonely planet...

hej all,

since we are almost starting our bicycletrip through south east asia, we are looking for the lonely planet `cycling vietnam, laos and cambodia` .

here in china it is nowhere to be found, and we know there are no new ones published anymore, but probably somewhere there are a few of them left...

does anyone know where we can find it and/or have the book and wants to sell it?

looking forward to your replies!

thanks a lot!

maaike and coen
from amsterdam

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Lonely Planet


Jullie kunnen toch op internet, de Lonely Planet boeken zijn volledig online beschikbaar. Scheelt weer een pond bagage ...

Ik ga over een of twee maanden ook voor twee maanden met de fiets naar Laos, Cambodja en Thailand, misschien komen we elkaar tegen.

Groetjes, Jörg uit Eindhoven.

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Hi Maaike and Coen We

Hi Maaike and Coen
We traveled through Laos early this year. We had heard of the book, but could not find it. Fortunately, we meet a couple from Christchurch, NZ, who had the book. We took photos of the relevant pages, and just read the book from the screen as we rode. It wasn't quite as easy as having the book, but it worked really well.

Now all you need to do is meet someone with the book :)

Good luck,

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Lonely Planet guide

My husband and I used this book in 2003 2004. It was a first edition and unless they have updated it, I would not bother with it. It only deals with tourist stretches and does not inform you of how to link these.

We found other cyclists that we passed along the way were much more informative and we spent a long time finding reasonably good maps, which were far more useful than the lonely planet guide. I don't know if they updated it since.

Good Luck,


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