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Thanks Warmshowers!

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Thanks Warmshowers!

This is a letter to thank you for creating and maintaining this reciprocating hospitality service especially for cycling tourists. We have just completed an 18-month tandem bike trip from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia/Lapataia, Argentina, spanning 16 countries and covering almost 30,000kms.

We stayed with over 40 Warmshower hosts during our 539 day trip, with all of them being wonderful in very different ways. To be honest at the start of the trip our prime motivation to stay with hosts was to save money but very quickly we realized how special this concept was and it began to mean so much more than the economical option.

Not only was it an opportunity to stay with someone that is very friendly and generous opening up their home to strangers but moreover, there is an immediate kinship and understanding with their association (in some way) with cycle touring. Also, one gains a far deeper understanding of a culture through getting to know someone in their own home and who is a participating member of the area. Additionally, one is exposed to far more than what a tourist guidebook could offer and one can really start to get a sense of a community and country after these intimate experiences. We wouldn’t have traded them for the world.

We are now settling back into so-called “normal life” and are very much looking forward to “paying it forward” with some the crazy-super-nice hospitality we have been shown on this trip. We are so excited to start hosting Warmshower guests as staying with hosts has by far been our favourite part of our adventure. We hope we will see many of the people we stayed with again, but if not we will always remember our experiences fondly and that would only be thanks to you all at Warmshowers for getting this movement off the ground and keeping it going.

We hope that Warmshowers continues to florish so more and more touring cyclists can enjoy some unique and privilidged experiences just like we have. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the participants in Warmshowers that host and so generously offer grubby, tired and hungry cyclists a place to rest their head for the night in a caring and safe environment. And in closing, we would like to sincerely thank you again for your vision and hard work.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Belinda and Roland Hinmueller

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pasen por aca

Por paraguay no pasaron, si alguna ves pasan me encantaria invitarles un exelente asado paraguayo.
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Roland & belinda

We had the wonderful opportunity to host these two fantastic people at the beginning of their journey. What a delightful couple, and congratulations on completing their great journey!
Regards, Janet & Robert

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Congratulations on your successful journey! Well-said post, I can relate to many things you've written even without doing such an extensive of a trip myself. It really is a beautiful thing. I commend you both and I commend all those who host.

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