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why not create a "cyclo-blogs" chart inside ws ?

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why not create a "cyclo-blogs" chart inside ws ?

Hi everybody !
i'm franck, long time member of ws, even if i never use it during all my trips cause i prefered to camp till there, and i'm also a small amateur develloper. I find this website great and useful, and i've been thinking of an easy to build tool that could be indented to it:

Most of the bike travelers and commuters using ws have a website relating theirs trips.
I have no statistics about it, but i'm sure that most of the ws members have their own web space where they share their adventures, like you can see it there on this forum :

So my proposition is simple : i did , few years ago, a web app to present the best "cyclo-blogs" i found on the net, with a rating system for each blog, but i never exploited it.
I think such a small plugin could have his place on the warmshowers site: this could be a good way to make more reliable all the bloggers of the community, and bring more audience to them, as well as it could maybe engage some newcomers to do their owns.

The idea is not to bring "competition" in something that doesn't need it (travelling is not a competition), but to make our community more alive, so that people may come to know each others through their websites, even before they meet on their ways... And, simply, bring more readers to our respective cyclo-blogs...

What do you think ?

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Why are you now " un-registered" ?

I will " mark this as obsolete.."

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