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What to expect in The Netherlands

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What to expect in The Netherlands

Next You tube movie shows a rather real explanation for foreigners when they are new in The Netherlands and visit our major cities.

I am a Dutchman, almost born on a bike, who can confirm the contents.
Enjoy and be warned.
However, any fear is unauthorized.
We all survive because we know how unpredictable other cyclists are.
Anticipation in traffic is the keyword.

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thanks for this!

Dear Peter, this is great! I cycled in the Netherlands for the first time in my life and it was absolutely fantastic. I cycled with luggage so I was not so quick and flexible and twice it was due to great cycling skills of the dutch people that I did not cause an accident! I took much greater care after that, but all in all my experience with cycling was super. the cars stop for bicycles at roundabouts..... wow, in Germany - at least where I live - this would never happen..... for me it was a paradise for cyclists, good cacle tracks and roads , good signposting, friendly people....... I will come again this summer for sure!!!!

thanks for this film, it is very interesting.
Bye for today
Greetings from Stuttgart

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What to expect in The Netherlands

This is outrageously great!!
Thank you

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