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Al-Can Highway

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Al-Can Highway

I am interested in cycling the Al-Can highway from Dawson to Fairbanks. Can anyone give me information on whether this is feasible?

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al can

You can do it. Go in july. Make sure to carry about 7 days of food. And a fishing pole. Stop at the hot springs at night and go for free. What else do you want to know? oh, and bring a sign to put up in the sign forest in Watson lake. Showers are 3 to 4 dollars everywhere. Food costs a lot up there. I just did this ride this pass summer.


need more info email. Best ride on the earth

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Hi I cycled from north of


I cycled from north of Fairbanks down through the Yukon & into South East Alaska a couple of years ago. I didn't go along the 'Top of the World Highway' as it was closed due to flooding but it is possible. Jeff Kruys, among many others has done it - check out his name on - & read his observations.

You'll find my account at

Best of luck with it
It is superb cycling

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