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I need a route on Mediterranean coast?

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I need a route on Mediterranean coast?

I am planning a tour along Mediterranean coast , France Spain Italy ect, how do I choose roads , any links of routes will help . I have only cycled western USA,  Maryland and Pennsylvania... in USA it's easy, just don't cycle interstste. Some states like Colorado are amazing they have free maps at tourist stops with bicycle routes ststing the width of shoulder and traffic level of most highways 



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Routes in Europe

There are plenty of resources for cycle routes in Europe; here are a few......... (for the UK)

Eurovelo has already been mentioned. Use Open Street Maps in Europe not Google Maps (so much) and if you use a Garmin download OSM from; or use the App which uses the OSM base map.

There's also crazyguyonabike and this guy ( seems to make up his route as he travels.

Enjoy Europe.

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Thanks so much, I wonder

Thanks so much, I wonder about shoulder and if traffic is to much 

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The EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean

The EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route seem like the perfect route for you but it's not yet complete.

Which means it's not sign-posted yet but you can always get the GPS trace and follow the proposed route.

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Just ride from Gubraltar to

Just ride from Gubraltar to Adana near seacost. Check in your GPS "avoid highways". That's all.

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Written yesterday

That EV8 looks good. As far as cycling roads / shoulders go it's difficult (for me anyway) to generalise; In
Spain the roads can be cycling unfriendly but the drivers are generally good and aware of cyclists (after all
all Spain holds one of the top 3 major road cycle races each year). France has a very good network of secondary
/ country roads that provide good cycling routes, Italy also has good secondary roads. Traffic will vary with
time of year, week & day like anywhere. Ferries are another option to get around the Med and not too expensive;
think island hopping in Greece for example. Generally I'd say don't worry, the Europeans invented the bike and
soon afterwards bike touring so we're the leaders;} and far more tolerant of cyclists than in the States (from
what I've read). One of the hardest parts of touring over here is deciding which route to take as there are so
may choices. Suggest you do some research, decide start / intermediate / finish and just go for it. A final
point is seasons in Europe, it's cooling down as Fall approaches so perhaps start in France and head south
either to Spain, Italy or into Greece. And a final final point is HISTORY, Europe is full of the stuff so if
something interests you explore that area..... The Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, Communists, Moors - it's all there
waiting to be discovered.. Enjoy.

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hey bro if u ever make to

hey bro if u ever make to spain (mallorca )let me know ill be happy to host you bro

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Thanks to for the input

I have decided 

Bilbao Spain to  Comino de Santiago. Then down coast of Portugal and eurovelo 8. Unless I hop to Morocco...




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