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What are you afraid of?

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What are you afraid of?

Hi folks,


I am cycling in Ecuador at the moment and even though I do stay with people at the moment and not WS hosts, nobody is really afraid or makes you do weird stuff like masks or distancing or other stuff.

We are all people, who have to live a life, travelling or not and cannot just follow nonsense rules made up by politicians or other people in charge.

Today we cycled through a park and there was litarally noone without a facemask. In a park, outside, in the nature. Really? Is this how you wanna live the rest of your lives?


Ask yourself, what are you more afraid of, a virus, that I just one of a million different ones out there since the dawn of time or the police, who will of course arrest you, put you in jail or kill you if you do not obey them.

You have the choice, even though they let you think you do not have a choice.


I personally choose to be a free human and do not let those people in charge ruin my life be spreading fear amongst us.



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What are you afraid of

Sven,.  It's not a matter of being afraid.   It's a matter of caring about others, not just ourselves.    So you wear  Mask to help protect someone's grandmother, maybe even your own.  I see people with mask, I think that's a caring person who is smart enough to believe in science.   I also see people who refuse to wear them, or to make statement wear them on their chin.    When I see these people, I think, there's a pretty ignorant person.  Or a person who doesn't care about anybody but themselves. 

   You Sven, should read the science, you've been hosted by enough people that you should care about them too.

    Last thing I'll say, please don't ever come to my home.  

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What am I afraid of?

I am not certainly not afraid of wearing a mask.   I wear one outside and especially when riding around other people.  It is a minor inconvenience.  

What I am afraid of is spreading a virus which has already killed 2.7M people around the world.   And it isn't stopping.

And, although I am fully vaccinated against the virus, I wouldn't allow someone like you in my home...mostly because you don't seem to give a shit about other people.

I hope on your travels you will learn to have some empathy for other people.

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I am a super empath,if you heard of that. It is very difficult to differentiate betwen my feelings and others. To protect myself, I try not to get too close to people. Which might be mistaken as not caring. But that has nothing to do with a virus. just telling.

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spread the word, not the virus

the medias made you believe that everyone is spreading viruses all the time, again, they make you feel guilty for nonsense. And you been manipulated already by there fear that they spread before that you would do about anything they say...


Btw. we are spreading viruses all the time since millenia. But for some obscure reason nobody was afraid tl do so, dhake hands, give kisses on cheeks, sharing beerbottles, cigarretes, body fluids... but all of the sudden this ONE VIRUS is now very much THE MIST DANGEROUS THING ON EARTH. 


I can make you also feel guilty for not protecting your grandmother all those know...

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Thanks for your opinion.

Thanks for your opinion.

Science tells me, that we dealing with a virus of the corona family.

Those are flu viruses. They act like flu viruses or any virus for that matter. Nobody dies of covid. They die because their immune system cannot fight viruses, any viruses for that matter. Meaning, if you are elderly or have respitory conditions or other underlying conditions, you should take care of yourself. Nonetheless, those people are vulnurable and would most likely die of other infections. So called excess deaths. They cannot be count as covid deaths.

moreover, medias individualise every single so called case, which means no more than sensationalism, media as usual.

how would you react, if they publish every single food poisening every single day, or lets say every single car accident?

would you stop eating food? or driving a car?

no, you just ignore those facts.

we are talking about 65million food poisenings worldwide a year and at least 2 million fatal car accidents a year.

2ish million deaths from a random virus is no more than natural selection, car accidents not really unless you say, stupid people who do not care while driving deserve to be wiped from this world as a natural selection too.

Science tells me also that we are mammals who are part of this planet just as a virus. but human tend to control nature, lets say the global warming or viruses. but a virus has to do what it is made for (by nature that is) meaning multiply and spread or how else is it possible that all of those meassurements did not stop it since one year...because nobody can control a natural way of a virus to spread.


now it is no rocket science that even you stay at home for a whole year with not going out at all, and only one family member goes for groceries, how many people this person has contact with, maybe just one, and this other person? Maybe just one. But you dont know. Means, after a whole year, nost likely everybody had contact with that virus, just by chance of meeting people or people meeting other people meeting more people. But because the majority is healthy you just fight it of like a flu or other viruses, no harm done. That is science, because there is no way, that you can avoid that, unless you live in Antartica. No wait, the virus travelled even there, with all the tests and masks and precautions. Funny how that happened. Because it is the nature of a virus, and you humans still believe to control nature.


In conclusion, it does not matter what precautions we put in place if mandatory or voluntary or if you will compulsary or obligatory or otherwise, nature takes its cause. 

if you want it or not.

They only reason to wear a mask is basically to make the others feel better or to obey laws.


By the way, I cycle hear in 3500 to 4200 meter altitude, with a mask I would literally suffecate.

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What a bunch of garbage


     I don't know where you get your logic, but to say viruses don't kill people is just plain stupid. 

    Anyhow as I said before, please never ask to stay at my home 


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What a bunch of real science

Sorry for getting back that late. I enjoyed cycling around Cotopaxi, Quilotoa and up to Chimborazo, no Internet there.

A quick Google search
(20 sec)
and I found the scientific explaination

I break it down for you, so you dont need to waste your precious time (takes only 5 minutes to read, though).

quote:  “The presence of the virus itself isn't going to be what kills you. An infectious disease always has a complex interaction with its host.”

"The overwhelming viral hoard triggers a strong response from the immune system,...In most healthy adults this process works, and they recover within days or weeks. 

In other cases it is not the flu virus itself that triggers an overwhelming and potentially fatal immune response but rather a secondary infection that takes advantage of a taxed immune system. Typically, bacteria..."

"about one third of people who die from flu-related causes expire because the virus overwhelms the immune system; another third die from the immune response to secondary bacterial infections, usually in the lungs; and the remaining third perish due to the failure of one or more other organs."

I like how they use the word "expire" as humans are just like a yoghurt. But that is the point, in science, there is no emotional connection between a test object and a grandmother. It is basically just a number in an equation.
And in order to make real science one has to detach themself from the grandmothers and such.

Now what the medias do is, to manipulate you to feel sorry, emotional attached and guilty for all those deaths around you. But that is just nature. Weak people die from being weak, not from viruses, bacterias.

It does not comes as a surprise for me, that there are so many people die in the US. You people do not live healthy lives. Obesity, diabetis, and those numbers were released already back in July, that 60% of Covid deaths in the US had diabetes. Now I just learned that all over the world the number of covid deaths are 50% higher in countries with 10% obesity.

Back to that quote from above "In most healthy adults this process works, and they recover within days or weeks. "

"Both the very young and very old may also be less able to tolerate and recover from the immune system's self-attack. Apart from children between six and 59 months and individuals older than 65 years, those at the greatest risk of developing potentially fatal complications are pregnant women, health care workers and people with certain chronic medical conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, asthma, and heart or lung diseases, according to the World Health Organization."

The WHO said that, if that doesnt count and, that the whole article comes from a magizine called "SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN" then I do not know, where your knowledge comes from, I guess Fox news, bbc news and national newspapers. All very much scientific, reliable and knowledgable when it comes to viruses.

Another article coming from the very same google search:

There you can read "Who is most at risk for dying from the flu?

Children under age 5 (especially children under 2) and adults 65 and over are at the highest risk of developing severe complications from the flu, being hospitalized, and dying. Other people at high risk of dying from flu include:


children 18 and under who are taking aspirin- or salicylate-based medications


women who are pregnant or are less than two weeks postpartum


anyone who experiences chronic illness


people who have compromised immune systems


people living in long-term care, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes


people who have a BMI of 40 or over


organ donor recipients who take anti-rejection drugs


people living in close quarters (like members of the military)


people with HIV or AIDS"

Same same, in conclusion "people with health conditions" are most vulnerable.

You can believe the medias and feel guilty for not protecting your grandmother, or you can follow science and let nature run its course.

In nature, weak animals naturally get wiped out, let it be diseases, not be able to outrun a predator or falling of a cliff.

But humans found ways to outsmart nature with vaccines and killing everything that suppose to kill you, because you are the weak link in the food chain.
Well, if you humans think you are smarter than nature, you will see the aftermath.

I suppose there are also statistics in how many more suicides happened last year due to depression for locking up people and shutting down whole economies that bankrupted bussinesses and ruin peoples lives therfor, but who cares, as long as you wear your mask, everything is fine, you done a good job, be proud of yourself because you protected someones grandmother.

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sorry, but if it took you only 5 minutes to understand the biology of viruses and how they multply and just never  kill any host, why don't you use your genius and heal all those long-covid cases?


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i said it took me 5 minutes

i said it took me 5 minutes to read, not 5 minutes to understand. Also, it was not the first article i read about it, I was researching already a year ago in that matter.And i say it again, it is no rocket science.


And you do not understand how viruses work, otherwise you would not ask for healing covid patients. They only can heal themselves if there immunsystem is strong enough to fight viruses or a secondary inflammation or such.


The question here is not, what you think about me quoting scientists, but about what those scientists say in that article.


Again, your humans emotions always get in the way, to form a unclouded opinion.

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It is also interesting how you repeatedly say, that I never come to your home. You try to protect your believes to start with, furthermore, it makes you feel better.


Wearing a mask makes you feel better because the medias with there distorted views of the whole thing makes you feel guilty in the first place.

Name me any selfless deed and then we can have a meaningful discussion about intensions of people, medias, polititians and scientists.


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Sven, you should stop arguing

Sven, you should stop arguing.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.  

   You just travel around potentially spreading death and don't care about other people.

It's really ashame you can use a site like this.