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Jack's 2022 Sierra Cascade Bike Tour

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Jack's 2022 Sierra Cascade Bike Tour

Dear Warmshowers Members: 


As a 78 year old adventure cyclist and 11 year member of Warmshowers from Des Moines, Iowa, I am seeking single-night shelter while on a multi-thousand mile bicycle ride this summer bringing awareness as a representative of Tunnel To Towers Foundation, a 21 year four-star charity.  


Much of the tour is on Adventure Cycling’s Sierra Cascades route, south to north paralleling the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail.  The ride will begin at the Mexican Border near Campo, California, and a few months later terminating in Seattle after a visit to the Canadian border, requiring about 80 days of pedaling and having fun.   2022 Route Map    


This request is for hospitality along the bike route for safe shelter and possibly a shower for one night.   I shall be visiting your area sometime after the second week of June 2022.  A more specific date would be forwarded once I hear from you and then again as I draw near.  


I’ve been fortunate in the past to stay in schools, firehouses, churches, holding cells, sailboats, travel trailers, Fairgrounds, a Pony Express Station, a hunting lodge, a Convent, rodeo grounds, a tree house and motels, and many, many private homes as a member of Warmshowers and Couchsurfing.  My gracious hosts have been in 46 states and 7 Canadian Provinces and they oftentimes proudly show off their towns and hobbies.    


Tenting is a fallback, yet a tough one lately for my mature vertebrae.  In addition, camping provides little social or cultural value: one is only passing through without making human contact.  Meeting residents is a cultural reflection of an area and the real reason one is traveling.  We grow through interaction, not through isolation.  When confronted with that option, I usually roost out of sight with approval, say somewhere on the grounds behind firehouses or police stations.


There is enjoyment in posting daily commentary with video clips, photos and drone shots of interesting people and scenic places along the way.  There are surprises, both good and bad, and sometimes one has to see it to believe it.


After a two year Covid19 delay, I will be accepting donations in ‘pennies per mile’ for the organization while they in turn are providing assistance to First Responders, Veterans and the impacted families of those severely injured or killed while on duty.  2022 is my ninth such solo long distance bicycle tour since retirement.  Jack’s Donation Page's-2022-'tunnel-to-towers'-border-to-border-solo-bicycle-tour/c396850 


The implied promise is that I will be respectful and courteous. Any assistance you might provide would be most appreciated. You are welcome to join me for a while if you like. Please visit my website and Facebook Page below for further introduction.  


I look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Day


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