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Problem with APP

Warmshowers Forums Disabled

Dear Warmshowers Community, we know this is a time of concern for everyone around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In an effort to streamline communication and better address the current needs of our community in a timely manner, we are temporarily disabling the forums and directing everyone to the Warmshowers Facebook Group. This will allow the Warmshowers Community a centralized place for comments, questions, and concerns related to touring and hosting. As always, we ask that you follow our community guidelines when posting.

Facebook Group:

Please note: For technical questions see our FAQ's to address your question or use the Contact Us form for technical support ONLY.  We will not be providing any information on travel or hosting requests through the Contact Us form.

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Problem with APP

I have a Android Nexus 7 and when I used the search feature, with our home city, it says noe results found. But I know that there are 4-5 of us here.
Also when i bring up the map should it show my current location? Because it is showing Nevada when I am in Ohio.

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Just the town, not state

Hi Tom - Just enter "Chardon" in the search tab on the Android app and it shows 4 hosts in Chardon.

When you visit the map, it shows your most recent browsing location, but if you hit the geographic center icon in the upper right it will go to your current location.

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Thanks Randy, I tried it and

Thanks Randy, I tried it and it worked. But if I enter Chardon, Ohio it does not work. So I guess only the city is required.
So if I wanted to search say a city in Montana would I just use the city?

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Town/City only

This is the same search facility as on the site, and yes it just takes the city/town, not the state/province. Although we always use the state in the US, it's not as common elsewhere. We have the problem too that worldwide, different approaches to abbreviating (or filling in) the province are used. Many people outside the US/CA don't use a standard abbreviation for their province. They also may not spell the city the same way as the searcher is looking for it. (Munchen vs Munich, for example)

The biggest problem is that you're probably interested in the *location* not the town. So the map is really the best way to approach these things. Please see the FAQ on searching the site, which is really the same on the app (it uses all the same services).

Of course, you're not the first person to have this problem, and your attempt to use the state is reasonable. The site is probably more clear about saying "town".

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App won't accept Password

I have iPhone 4s, with latest OS ( I believe..I was prompted by the instructions I found her re the App's requirements...). I have downloaded the App, it shows on my phone, however it will NOT accept my Password. I have even changed my PW to be something easier to use on iPhone keyboard. to no avail.

Am I doing something wrong ?
BTW : I notice a lot of posts in this Forum (" Using mobile phones..") that appear to be individual Guests' requests for stay in specific places.... makes it hard to see the wood for the trees ...!

Cheers from Adelaide ...

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Uninstall/reinstall/use username

Hi Grace - When people report problems like this we say:

1. Uninstall the app completely, then reinstall from the app store.
2. Try using your username (BicycleFish) + password to log in if you're currently trying it with your email + password. Alternately, try using your email + password if you're failing with username + password.

Please do report what version of IOS you're running, as well as the version of the app. Those things are very important to track this down.

Formal bug reports and support are done over in the issue queue, (adding a new report requires a free github account).