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San Petro de Atacama/Chile...:)

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San Petro de Atacama/Chile...:)

Hi everyone :)

I'm Johannes and with a friend from Europe on a cycling tour throuh the American continent from south to north :)...

We are in Salta/northern Argentina right now and would love to get informations about warmshower-members or tips and suggestions about where to camp/stay in/around San Petro de Atacama in Chile.

Thanks so much for any reply :)!! Kind regards, Hannes & Tim

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camping san pedro

In nov 2011 we have been to camping los Perales, close to the center, good showers, gas stove, enough
shade, picknick tables, quiet and lots really lots of space for 4.000
pesos a night. We talked it down to 3.500 because we were with the 5
of us.
No wi-fi but...they do have free wi-fi on the Plaza. Ask because we
were allowed to do our laundry, although there is a sign that says no
laundry allowed.
Don't be afraid if one of the owners is drunk, they really kind and
helpfull and won't bother you.
Karin and Marten

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